July Bulletin 2024

Excited about the summer break? Before you finish for the year, read the latest blogs here including 5 reasons why Loudmouth is a good investment for 24/25, ideas for using your next Pupil Premium payments and how September can be great months for puberty and bullying work.....plus much, much more.

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5 Reasons Why Loudmouth is a Good Investment for 24/25

Planning your RSHE for 24/25? Here are 5 key reasons why Loudmouth would be a good investment for your school or venue. Find out why Loudmouth could work for you, here.

Looking for Ideas for Pupil Premium? - How Loudmouth Can Help

The next round of Pupil Premium payments will be coming through shortly, learn how Loudmouth can help you to improve the educational outcomes for disadvantaged pupils. Read more in our blog here.

Free Resources from Loudmouth

Did you know that when you book Loudmouth, you get access to lots of extra resources...for no extra cost? In fact we are giving away some FREE resources for primary and secondary schools which you can access here even if you haven't booked. You can find out how to access these FREE lesson plans here.

Do You Know That Loudmouth Can Be Virtual?

We love performing live but it is not always practical for schools. We have virtual versions of some of our prorammes. These sessions are quick and easy to arrange and can work anywhere in the world. Find out here how we can stream our programmes to your classroom..

The First Term for Year 7s - How Loudmouth Can Help Make That First Term Really Matter

When the new year starts in September it will be particularly important for the new Year 7s starting secondary school. The first term can be a great way to establish values and expectations as well as consolidate and build on the work that different feeder schools have done on topics such as puberty and the emotional and physical changes that take place. Find out how we can support your new Year 7s here about the impact the programme has had and why the need for this work is greater than ever.

Bullying - Not Just for Anti Bullying Week!

Last year 80% of schools marked Anti Bullying Week. This year it runs between Monday 11th and Friday 15th November. If you want to book Loudmouth for that week then get in touch now as we get booked out fast! Other schools use our bullying programme in September to help establish the school's ethos and policies on bullying. We have increased our availability of our bullying programmes but expect these to book up fast. Find out more about our bullying work here.

Special Offers and Discounts

We know that times aren't easy for schools and so we have some offers that can help schools who may not usually be able to book our work to be able to access discounted sessions (or those who want to just grab a bargain and book an extra session). Terms and conditions apply but we have some great offers for the beginning of September 2024. Call us on 0121 446 4880 to find out more.

Programmes Available for Autumn Term 2024

Here is a breakdown of all of the great Loudmouth programmes that you can book between September and December 2024.