Bully 4 U (KS2 Primary)

Issues covered include bullying, emotional health and online safety

Bully 4 U (Primary)


Research by the NSPCC found that 31% of children experienced bullying by their peers during childhood and a quarter of children bullied by their peers suffered long term harmful effects lasting into adulthood. Cyberbullying is also increasing with bullying by mobiles, email and social media now as common as name-calling among children and teenagers. The impact on emotional health and the importance of emotional wellbeing is also key with 1 in 3 Childline counselling sessions being about mental or emotional health and wellbeing issues.

The programme can also be used to support children in the preparation for SATs which can impact on their mental wellbeing with tips and ideas to help pupils feel safe and ready.

“It consolidated their knowledge in an original way. The session was brilliantly delivered and helped the children feel confident. Wellbeing section was very useful and they had the opportunity to discuss SATs worries, very helpful as it’s clearly on the children’s minds.” - Lynne Pickering, Stoke Heath Primary School, Coventry

Bully 4 U uses drama and discussion as a safe and engaging way to help children to gain a broad understanding of many different forms of bullying, identifying when bullying is happening and exploring strategies to combat and prevent them. The programme trains pupils to become Bully Busters and develop their empathy and respect for others and knowledge of where to go to for help. Bully 4 U also includes work on cyber bullying, top tips on emotional wellbeing and how to stay safe online. 

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Bully 4 U Primary Information.pdf
Bully 4 U Primary Learning Objectives and Key findings.pdf
Bully 4 U Evaluation Report Dudley 1718.pdf

Bully 4 U is a great way to mark Anti-Bullying Week or as part of a focussed anti bullying campaign in school.

"Brilliant! Lots of positive feedback from pupils and staff - lots of information learned and discussed by all. Children buzzing about loudmouth being in the school. A fantastic start to our anti bullying week!" - Pupil and Welfare Support

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