My Mate Fancies You (Ages 9-12)

Issues covered include puberty, growing up and transition to secondary school
  • Pupils should know the key facts about puberty and the changing adolescent body, including physical and emotional changes.

  • Pupils should be taught key facts about the menstrual cycle including what is an average period, range of menstrual products and the implications for emotional and physical health.

  • The transition phase before moving to secondary school should support pupils' emotional and physical development so they are prepared for the changes that adolescence brings.


The programme uses well researched drama with relevant, engaging content to bring the issues to life to introduce or consolidate learning on the issue.


These are discussion based and interactive providing opportunity for students to share opinions, develop their learning and know where to get support.


Lesson plans and interactive resources to use on a range of PSHE topics to support your curriculum and prepare and follow up the Loudmouth visit.


Updates on PSHE with regular ideas and advice on learning objectives. Loudmouth can also support with staff training and consultancy on PSHE.

Fun theatre in education programme on puberty & transition to secondary school

This programme teaches about the range of physical and emotional changes that take place in the adolescent body during puberty.

Appropriate and sensitively run drama and workshop.

The programme uses a fun and informative drama plus discussion workshop to help children and young people to understand the transition to secondary school and puberty (including the menstrual cycle), reassure them that it is normal/not something to worry about and advise them where to go for support.



86% of pupils rated their knowledge of puberty as excellent or very good as a result of the programme.


82% said that after the programme they felt that puberty was a normal part of life.


99% said that the programme helps children to learn about growing up and puberty.


100% of staff would recommend the programme to other schools.

Proven increase of young people's confidence and skills on topic of puberty.

Evaluation has shown that this programme has increased young people's knowledge of where to go for support and increased their knowledge and ability to cope with the changes that take place during puberty.