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How to work effectively with children and young people on RSE / PSHE

How to work effectively with children and young people on RSE / PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education)

This training programme incorporates a wide selection of our most effective techniques. By focussing on fictional characters and offering a third person perspective, participants are provided with necessary resources to address a range of RSE / PSHE topics using a safe and interactive approach.

This is a fun course with achievable and simple ideas that you can use straight away. These ideas and techniques are important tools for RSE / PSHE helping schools and other organisations with new skills and confidence in delivering RSE / PSHE. No drama skills needed and absolutely no role play involved (we promise!)

"This course had the most impact on my teaching over the last 30 plus years." - Inclusion Consultant

This flexible training programme has commonly been used as part of the PSHE certificate and can easily be integrated into your existing teaching structure.

You can download further information on this popular programme by clicking or tapping the links below. These give further information of the programme, a breakdown of the learning outcomes and a recent evaluation report on this training.

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