Working For Marcus (Ages 13+)

Child exploitation (CE), sexual exploitation (CSE), county lines, grooming

Working For Marcus

The programme includes workshops and lesson plans to provide a strong educational experience that is informed by the research-based drama. Loudmouth have been delivering education work on CE since 1998 and run education and training courses on the issue across the UK.

“Working for Marcus is a brilliantly well-scripted and outstandingly performed piece of theatre which creatively and courageously tackles the issues of grooming and child exploitation in a powerful yet sensitive manner.  It is without doubt an excellent vehicle through which to raise awareness with children, young people, parents/carers and professionals alike.” - Lead Practitioner, Barnardo’s

Child exploitation goes beyond child sexual exploitation with schools increasingly looking for ways to address issues such as county lines and the links to knife crime and criminal exploitation. Working for Marcus looks at the wider exploitation of children and young people, what this can lead to for victims and the different ways that perpetrators may target young people’s vulnerabilities. The programme looks in detail at the grooming process used in the exploitation of both male and female victims.

This safe and carefully structured programme is available as an education programme for students as well as a training for police, health and social care professionals and gives learners and adults an insight into how easy it is to be unknowingly drawn into exploitation and equips them with the necessary knowledge on spotting signs of grooming and where they can find support and advice.

Working for Marcus is available in a range of different formats and is ideal for drop down or study days.

"Clearly a well-researched and targeted production, with clear evidence that the programme works." - Home Office

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