Helping Hands (Ages 9-11 at KS2)

Child sexual exploitation & abuse, online safety, domestic abuse

Helping Hands

Helping Hands is a sensitive theatre in education programme that helps protect children through an understanding of positive relationships. The performance and workshop uses drama, discussion and appropriate humour to support school’s safeguarding education and help children to stay safe in their interactions with others.

"There can be no issue of greater importance to parents and carers, or to schools, than the safety of their children; safeguarding remains high on OFSTED’s agenda and will continue to do so." - OFSTED

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Part funded by the Home Office, Helping Hands covers issues including child sexual exploitation and abuse, online safety and domestic abuse. Loudmouth have also been given permission by the NSPCC to include their popular PANTS rule in the programme. PANTS is an NSPCC campaign designed to help parents keep their children safe from sexual abuse, for more information visit the NSPCC webpage.

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Helping Hands Basic Information.pdf
Helping Hands Learning Objectives.pdf

Loudmouth evaluation report for Bracknell on impact of HELPING HANDS theatre in education programme 2018.pdf
Evaluation Report for Dudley MBC 2016-17.pdf

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