Bully 4 U (KS3-4 Secondary)

Bullying, resilience, online safety, homophobic and sexual/sexist bullying

Bully 4 U (Secondary)

Research by National Centre for Social Research found that 47% of 14-year-olds and 41% of 15-year-olds reported being bullied. Cyber bullying is also increasing with bullying by mobile phone, email and social media now as common as name-calling among teenagers.

Bully 4 U uses drama and discussion as a safe and engaging way to help children to gain a broad understanding of many different forms of bullying including cyber, sexist/sexual and homophobic bullying, identifying when bullying is happening and exploring strategies to combat and prevent them. The programme develops students' empathy and respect for others and knowledge of where to go to for help, and also includes work on cyber bullying and how to stay safe online.

You can download further information on the different versions of this programme by clicking or tapping on these links.

Bully 4 U Secondary Information.pdf

Bully 4 U SECONDARY LO and Key Eval Findings Updated July 18.pdf
Evaluation Report Dudley Schools 2015.pdf

Bully 4 U is a great way to mark Anti-Bullying Week or as part of a focussed anti bullying campaign in school.

"The session was both fun and informative and it enabled students to participate in questions relating to the issue of bullying. The range of characters highlighted the different types or bullying, and reinforced the message that bullying can affect anyone. The performances were captivating and the facilitators were clear about where and how pupils can get help and support." - Head of Drama

You can watch the trailer below to find out more about the programme.

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