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Trust Me

A programme for ages 12+ at KS3 & 4 level. Issues covered include sexual health, consent, contraception, STIs, unplanned pregnancy, delay, pornography.

Trust Me is a lively theatre in education programme that helps young people aged 12 upwards to learn about relationships and sexual health issues such as sexually transmitted infections, contraception, consent, pornography and unplanned pregnancy. The programme supports learners to understand the impact that unprotected sex can have and share ideas on how to create healthy, happy and safe relationships.

"The combination of drama presentation, group work and student participation reinforced the information and enabled students to understand the facts and also the wider issues re: contraception, STI's, relationships. This session was far more effective than sessions run by PSHE staff in school. It was relevant and interesting. Brilliant! The actors related well to the students and their management of the group was very effective!" - Head of Key Stage 

A great way to raise confidence and knowledge of sexual health, raise awareness of local health services and increase the take up of chlamydia screening.

Watch the trailer to find out more.

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Trust Me Basic Information.pdf

Trust Me Learning Objectives.pdf

Evaluation Report Lyndon School 2014.pdf

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