Making that First Term Matter - Transition to Secondary School

Read how our My Mate Fancies You programme can be a great way to start the summer term for Year 7s.

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In a week's time, another group of Year 6s will leave primary school for the last time...and then 6 weeks later will start at secondary school.

That first term can be an important time and can be a great way to establish values and expectations as well as consolidate and build on the work that different feeder schools have done on topics such as puberty and the emotional and physical changes that take place.

Our My Mate Fancies You theatre in education programme is very popular in September and October. The drama follows two friends as they grow up from 10 to 14 including the move from primary to secondary school. The play provides an accessible way to look at the worries and opportunities that new students may have and space to discuss these and find out where they can get support in school.

My Mate Fancies You is a touching and funny play about growing up and helps new students to have fun and talk about the kinds of situations and changes that they will all be going through. What better way to start secondary school and being able to laugh and realise that other people are in the same situation.

My Mate Fancies You can help your colleagues too. It can take some anxiety away from staff in how to approach some topics that they may not feel equipped or confident to teach. You can read more about how My Mate Fancies You can support staff and build confidence in teaching about puberty here. We are also giving away a free resource on tips for making the most out of the move to secondary school which you can acccess here.

To book your My Mate Fancies You sessions for September 24 contact us on 0121 446 4880 or email