5 Reasons Why Loudmouth is a Good Investment for 24/25

Planning your RSHE for 24/25? Here are 5 key reasons why Loudmouth would be a good investment for your school or venue.


Planning your RHE/RSHE for 24/25? This year Loudmouth turned 30. We have worked with over a million children, young people, parents and professionals in that time and we would love to work with you in the next academic year. Here are 5 key reasons why Loudmouth would be a good investment for your school or venue.

1. Ease Staff Pressure on RSHE

Relationships, Sexual Health and Health Education (RSHE) is an important aspect of school life. Surveys show however, that around half of teachers do not feel confident in delivering RSHE. Loudmouth can take some pressure from staff who may not feel confident or trained in teaching about these topics. Our programmes are safe and appropriate and are delivered by trained staff who teach these topics everyday. Many similar companies use freelance actors who don’t have the classroom management, safeguarding training or deep understanding of the issues and so using Loudmouth gives that extra level of reassurance. The RSHE guidance is changing and this can be difficult to manage and keep on top of. We support schools with updates and resources as well as provide training to help build confidence in teaching RSHE.

2. Provide a Valuable Educational Experience (With Minimal Disruption)

We deliver over 1,000 sessions a year and so know what is involved in working in schools. We know how busy teachers are and how much work goes into securing rooms and managing the timetable. We can make this easy for you and have different formats that will suit different needs. Our friendly and efficient booking team will guide you through the booking process and our skilled Actor / Facilitators will make sure that things run smoothly on the day. Our delivery teams are all Level 3 Safeguarding trained and so if there are any disclosures from students on the day, then they have the skills to manage and report those whilst keeping the day on track.

3. Save Teacher’s Time

Planning a RSHE curriculum, researching the topics and coming up with lesson plans takes a lot of time. Keeping up with the latest trends or issues can be a challenge and so that is where we can help. We provide over 100 free lesson plans and resources that can work as stand alone activities or in tandem with our programmes. Teachers can build their RSHE work around our materials or book different Loudmouth programmes for each year group to build a structure around.

4. Proven impact and engagement

Our work is tried and tested. We have decades of positive feedback with evaluation reports that show that the work increases awareness, knowledge and skills around issues, generates discussion and empathy and supports students in accessing services and coming forward if they need help. When you use Loudmouth in your RSHE you can relax in the knowledge that the work will be researched and delivered to a high standard and will have a clear impact on your children and young people.

5. Value for money

We have different formats to suit different needs and budgets. When you book Loudmouth you get a lot more than just the theatre performance. All formats include interactive workshop where the audience question the characters and learn about local and national signposting services. You also get access to all of our lesson plans and resources as well as extra video content and regular updates, tips and information. Some of our formats include small group discussions which can further enrich the learning. We provide free information for parents and guidance for schools when planning their RSHE programmes. Some of our drop down formats for large secondary schools, work out at as little as £6 per student!