Do You Know That Loudmouth Can Be Virtual?

We have a format that is quick and easy to arrange and can work anywhere in the world.

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Did you know that we can deliver some of our programmes virtually?

We love delivering the live drama and workshops but that isn't always possible and so we have a format that is quick and easy to arrange and can work anywhere in the world.

Our virtual versions are videos that can be viewed in advance and followed by a Teams based workshop.

This format allows us to deliver in venues where logistics and costs would make it hard for us to get to or where space or budget is limited. The videos cover the same basic content of the live sessions and the workshops allow our trained Actor / Facilitators to lead the discussions. Our staff work with the teachers in school and we can even work with multiple groups at once.

We can run virtual sessions of the following programmes:

  • Bully 4 U Primary on bullying, emotional health and online safety (Age 7-11).
  • My Mate Fancies You on puberty, growing up and the transition from primary to secondary school (Age 9-12).
  • Safe and Sound on teenage relationship/domestic abuse, consent, power & control in relationships (Age 12+)
  • Trust Me on sexual health, consent, contraception, STIs, unplanned pregnancy, pornography (Age 12+)
  • Calling It Out on harmful sexual behaviours, sexual harassment, sexual assault, pornography, consent, misogyny (Age 13+)
  • Working for Marcus on child exploitation (CE), knife crime, sexual exploitation (CSE), county lines and grooming (Age 13+)

You can view more about the virtual programmes here.

We even have a couple of programmes that we only run virtually:

  • One of Us on radicalisation and grooming (Age 12+)
  • Out of It on alcohol (Age 12+)

We also offer versions of the video that staff can run themselves with a PowerPoint lesson plan. In fact, if you book a live Loudmouth session for Autumn 2024 then you can get access to one of our virtual only videos for FREE!!!!!!

Contact us on 0121 446 4880 or email to find out more.