Helping Hands - Helping Children to Stay Safe

Find out about our popular Helping Hands programme including a short evaluation summary from the sessions we ran in 2023.

Helping Hands is a big favourite amongst our Actor / Facilitators. It is a sweet and age appropriate way to gently introduce safeguarding topics to primary school pupils.

Last year we reached nearly 12,000 children with the programme which looks at lots of different aspects of safety including staying safe online and offline.

  • The programme helps children to learn the popular NSPCC PANTS rule. Before our session, only 2% could name at least 4 of the 5 tips or 'rules'. This rose to 92% after the session.
  • 72% said that as a result of the Helping Hands session that they would act differently in the future with many highlighting how it had helped them to know when they don't feel safe and who to talk to.
  • 99% of children said that they would recommend Helping Hands for next year's pupils.

Helping Hands is a great way to support your safeguarding education and has a long and proven history of supporting children. Our delivery staff are all Level 3 safeguarding trained and so if the session has given somebody the confidence to speak up about something they are experiencing, then our team can deal with that and work with you with any disclosures or red flags.

You can read a short evaluation summary of the work that we delivered with Helping Hands in 2023 here.

We are also updating the content of the programme to ensure that the content is up to date. This will include making sure that we will be able to deliver to any changes that happen as a result of the [RSHE / RHE guidance review.](