Education Programmes

Relationships and safeguarding programmes to support your Personal, Social, Health and Economic education.
  • Pupils should know the facts about legal and illegal harmful substances and associated risks, including smoking, alcohol use and drug-taking.
  • Pupils should know the facts about legal and illegal drugs and their associated risks, including the link to serious mental health conditions and risk of addiction.
  • Pupils should know the physical and psychological risks associated with alcohol consumption and what constitutes low risk alcohol consumption in adulthood.
  • Pupils should know how the use of alcohol and drugs can lead to risky sexual behaviour.



High quality researched recorded drama with relevant, engaging content to bring the issues to life to introduce or consolidate learning on the issue.


Recorded workshop to explore the issues raised in more details and where to get support.


Lesson plans and interactive resources to use on a range of PSHE topics to support your curriculum and prepare and follow up the Loudmouth lesson.


Updates on RSHE with regular ideas and advice on learning objectives. Loudmouth can also support with staff training and consultancy on RSHE.

Exciting new video presentation on alcohol and drugs.

This video based programme supports schools in their teaching of alcohol and drug education. The drama covers how young people may drink or smoke cannabis due to the mistaken belief that ‘everyone is doing it’.

Supporting young people to make informed choices around alcohol and drugs.

This programme explores many myths around alcohol and drugs and highlights that most young people do not regularly drink alcohol or have ever smoked cannabis. The programme uses drama plus a discussion workshop to show young people the impacts that alcohol can have on a young person’s interests, friendships, health and aspirations.



82% of students, after taking part in the session, correctly identified that less than half of 11-15 year olds have ever had an alcoholic drink. Before the session only 50% were correct.


87% of students identified that the statement ‘Over 40% of 11-15 year olds have tried cannabis’ was false after taking part in the session. Before the session only 66% got this correct.


89% of students thought that the Loudmouth session helps young people to stay safe around alcohol and drugs.


87% of students would recommend the programme for next year’s students.

Increasing pupils’ knowledge and awareness on alcohol and the reality around most young people’s consumption

The programme is designed to give young people the skills, knowledge and confidence to know where and how to seek appropriate support. By the end of the programme the young people will have learnt strategies to support themselves or friends who are facing difficulties around alcohol or drugs.