Information for Parents

Parents have a vital role to play in RSHE/RSE and we welcome interest and involvement from parents and guardians so that they can have further discussions with their child around the topics we cover.

As you will know, the government is asking schools to give transparency to parents and carers about the resources used in schools for RSHE.

To support this, we can provide schools with an information booklet on each of our programmes to send out to parents and guardians.

Each booklet gives information for parents and guardians about the programme their children will be participating in. These contain useful information and definitions as well as help and support agencies, and simple ideads on how to start conversations after our visit.

We are more than happy for these booklets to be distributed to any parents or guardians of pupils participating in our programmes. These booklets may not be modified without our permission. We do ask that other Loudmouth support materals e.g. online lesson plans are not uploaded and published globally, as these are copyrighted.

Do let us know if any parents/guardians would like us to send copies of specific resources and we can liaise with them directly.

Any parents or guardians who would like further information about the programme/s can contact us and we can arrange a meeting to answer their questions or invite them to come and view a session in a school.

Please do get in touch via email or call 0121 446 4880 if you would like any of the programme booklets to send out to parents and guardians or if you have any questions about sharing our resources with parents and guardians.