New Mental Wellbeing Programme - Have Your Say

You may be aware that today 21st January 2019 is Blue Monday, apparently the most depressing day of the year.

With schools asking us more and more to do work on mental wellbeing we at Loudmouth have decided to create a brand new theatre in education programme on mental well being (emotional health & wellbeing and mental health) for secondary and college aged young people and a teacher training focusing on teachers’ mental wellbeing. We really want to get this new programme right so are asking a wide range of young people and adults for their opinions.

Have your say? In your experience what do you think these new programmes should cover? We would love to hear your ideas. Register here to be part of the research.

What people say

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Brilliant acting and interaction with the children. The play itself covered puberty in an open, realistic and humorous way which forms a terrific basis for future discussion with the teacher and each other. So much depends on the enthusiasm of the actors and I feel that we were very lucky to have such a talented pair, not only to perform, but to lead the discussions afterwards. They were able to relate to the children without any embarrassment. SUPERB!!


Compared to other companies we have had covering the same content, the actors were more flexible and accommodating to the children’s individual needs. Through their answers and questions, the children were demonstrating a higher level of understanding, empathy and personal safety.

Safeguarding Lead