So Much More than a Play! – 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Get from Loudmouth

Think you know what you get from booking Loudmouth? Of course there is the great, well researched drama..that goes without saying, obviously, but a lot of our contacts and customers don’t know about all of the extra benefits you get..for nothing!!

Here are 5 added extras that you might not know you get included in your booking with Loudmouth.

1. High quality workshops
We think drama is a great way to support school’s PSHE however we know that the learning takes place in the workshops. Our experienced Actor / Facilitators deliver discussion workshops and a range of interactive activities to consolidate and strengthen the learning. They all have great classroom management and are safeguarding trained to support teachers to deliver their learning objectives and to make the most out of us bringing us in as classroom / school visitors.

2. Professional development support for PSHE / RSE teachers 
This includes video training, advice, support in planning as well as great offers on teacher training sessions. We have 25 years of supporting teachers on PSHE and passionate about passing this on to help teachers.

3. Lesson plans
You get access to over 100 free lesson plans on a range of PSHE / RSE issues with interactive quizzes, videos and fun and simple activities to build into your plans. We also provide links to the best free resources on the internet we find to save you time and find the right resources for your learning objectives and plan.

4, Updates 
There is a lot going on in PSHE and RSE at the moment. We are less than a year away until Relationship education, RSE and health education are compulsory. Keeping up with the news, debates, best practice and resources. We are members of key organisations such as the Sex Education Forum, PSHE Association and NWG and so have access to accurate and relevant information for teachers.

5. Signposting 
Knowing which local and national organisations to tell students about can be time consuming and confusing. Googling isn’t enough as working out which organisations to trust or provide the best advice or resources takes a lot of work. We do that for you and so you know that any organisation we signpost to or pass on to you is reputable and a great place for your students to go to for support.

To find out more about how we can support your PSHE / RSE call us on 0121 446 4880.


What people say

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Brilliant acting and interaction with the children. The play itself covered puberty in an open, realistic and humorous way which forms a terrific basis for future discussion with the teacher and each other. So much depends on the enthusiasm of the actors and I feel that we were very lucky to have such a talented pair, not only to perform, but to lead the discussions afterwards. They were able to relate to the children without any embarrassment. SUPERB!!


Compared to other companies we have had covering the same content, the actors were more flexible and accommodating to the children’s individual needs. Through their answers and questions, the children were demonstrating a higher level of understanding, empathy and personal safety.

Safeguarding Lead