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We have now been running our virtual sessions in schools for just over a week and have been blown away by the response from pupils and staff. Staff are saying the sessions are easy to book and run (that their IT fears have been allayed) and the pupils have been amazing. The younger ones love the fact that the actor-facilitators are ‘beamed’ into their classrooms, we have had some lovely “Wows” as we come onto their screens and the older ones have enjoyed the interaction and new stimuli.

•    We ran a session for Abbotsholme School in Staffordshire. Ethan Lisk, the teacher in the session, commented that the virtual lesson was “Excellent with great questions and very good facilitation. Despite being online it felt very inclusive.” He felt the session was of “high impact” and wrote to us afterwards saying “It helps me deliver lessons and offers me up to date ideas and thinking. As a non-specialist in this subject I use these sessions to make sure I have the right tone and approach.”

Our administration team are all back on their normal hours and are flat out taking virtual bookings. 

We are so pleased that after months of work of rewriting, filming and investing in setting up our offices into studios, we are now up and running with the virtual sessions AND they are working so well.  Our 8 actor-facilitators are all saying how fantastic it is to be working with children and young people after all this time and are loving being back at work. We are gradually increasing their hours to cover all the sessions and are hoping by the time the government’s furlough scheme ends in March 2021 we will be able to have all our 13 staff back on their pre-Covid hours. Ensuring our staff’s jobs and continuing to get the work out to our schools and colleges were our two key aims when everything went mad in March. And I think we may actually do it. That would be quite an achievement considering the events of the last year. Thank you as always for everyone’s support and kindness at this time. 

Sessions are available to book now for the following programmes:

  • Helping Hands (staying safe in relationships) Key Stage 2
  • The Wellbeing Team (positive mental wellbeing) Key Stage 2
  • My Mate Fancies You (puberty) Key Stage 2 (available after Easter 2021)
  • Under The Radar (youth violence & criminal exploitation) Key Stages 2 - 5
  • Bully 4 U (anti-bullying) Key Stages 2 - 5
  • Talking Heads (positive mental wellbeing) Key Stages 3 - 5
  • Trust Me (sexual health) Key Stages 3 - 5
  • Safe and Sound (abuse in teenage relationships) Key Stages 3 - 5
  • Working For Marcus (child exploitation) Key Stages 3 - 5

If you have any questions in the meantime, please don't hesitate to get in touch on info@loudmouth.co.uk or 0121 446 4880.

We look forward to working with you this year.

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Brilliant acting and interaction with the children. The play itself covered puberty in an open, realistic and humorous way which forms a terrific basis for future discussion with the teacher and each other. So much depends on the enthusiasm of the actors and I feel that we were very lucky to have such a talented pair, not only to perform, but to lead the discussions afterwards. They were able to relate to the children without any embarrassment. SUPERB!!


Compared to other companies we have had covering the same content, the actors were more flexible and accommodating to the children’s individual needs. Through their answers and questions, the children were demonstrating a higher level of understanding, empathy and personal safety.

Safeguarding Lead