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RECRUITMENT : New Opportunities for 2 Permanent Actor / Facilitators with Loudmouth

New Developments > May 22nd, 2017

We are looking for two Actor / Facilitators to join Loudmouth as a brand new team!

These are permanent full time positions and the two successful candidates will work together touring our popular theatre in education programmes to schools and other venues. This is a great opportunity for actors with some experience of theatre in education who would like to develop their career in this field.

The team will need to live or relocate to be near our offices in Birmingham and will mostly tour schools and colleges in the West Midlands although may occasionally travel to other parts of the UK.

We are looking for one female and one male Actor/ Facilitator to meet the casting needs of our programmes.

The deadline for application forms and video submissions is Thursday 6th July 2017.

The audition will take place on Monday 17th July 2017 in Birmingham and both successful candidates would start on Monday 4th September 2017.

Salary is £18,000- £20,000 depending on experience.


To apply click/tap on APPLY and complete the application form. You will be asked on the form to upload a recent photograph for casting purposes.

Once you have completed the application form then you will also be asked to submit a short video audition. The two script extracts are shown below. Obviously choose the script that relates to your gender.

You can record this on a tablet, webcam or camera and then send via our upload page or e mail it to

The application and videos will allow us to shortlist for people that we will invite for the audition.

Good Luck.



CAZ: (14 years old. She is upset and slightly reluctant to tell her story) In the end we…agreed that it was the only way we could get the money. I would have…sex ..with this bloke Marcus knew, this bloke would pay the money we needed and then we could get back to normal.

It was horrible. Some old bloke I’d never met before pawing and slobbering all over me. I just kept crying and crying and crying. After the bloke had gone Marcus didn’t say anything. It was like it had never happened.

Then a week later Marcus came home and said that these people wanted more money from him.


Mo is 13, confident and likeable…at least at first. He should initially not seem like someone who fits the stereotype about the kind of person who gets bullied.

MO: I got a new phone at for my birthday….only an a iPhone 7!!! It is totally awesome. I love the way the photos move a bit when you look at them. It’s like Harry Potter! It’s like the best thing in my life…or was until….

Okay, I got these texts about a month ago…nasty texts….saying things, things about me… about my family!

It’s been 2 months now and I just don’t know what to do. My phone is my life! If I tell Mum and Dad then they’ll just freak and take my iPhone away and I can’t not have my phone… I can’t! I just can’t! I’m just going have to put up with it, aren’t I?

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Brilliant acting and interaction with the children. The play itself covered puberty in an open, realistic and humorous way which forms a terrific basis for future discussion with the teacher and each other. So much depends on the enthusiasm of the actors and I feel that we were very lucky to have such a talented pair, not only to perform, but to lead the discussions afterwards. They were able to relate to the children without any embarrassment. SUPERB!!


Compared to other companies we have had covering the same content, the actors were more flexible and accommodating to the children’s individual needs. Through their answers and questions, the children were demonstrating a higher level of understanding, empathy and personal safety.

Safeguarding Lead