Get Ready for Anti-Bullying Week!

Anti-Bullying Week is just around the corner. What are your plans for 11th-15th November?

The Anti Bullying Alliance have prepared loads of tools and activities that you can use all week long, and we might just be able to help you out as well.

This year’s theme is ‘Change Starts With Us’ – and this is what the ABA have to say about it:

“This year the goal is to inform schools and settings, children and young people, parents and carers to know that it takes a collective responsibility to stop bullying. We are excited for this campaign as we want to create empowering, positive messages addressing the fact that when it comes to bullying CHANGE STARTS WITH US!”

We especially love the ABA’s ideas for how to involve students in your school’s Anti Bullying Week. You could make a student advisory group, create a positive message wall, or even let them take over your school’s social media to send anti bullying messages to the world!

There are loads of ways to make your Anti Bullying Week fun and memorable. Here are some ways we can help…

Lesson Plans

Did you know we have over 100 lesson plans to help support schools with their PSHE? This year we’ve put some of our favourite anti bullying lesson plans together into two e-books.

Click here to download our Anti Bullying E-book for Primary Schools

Click here to download our Anti Bullying E-book for Secondary Schools


Our Anti Bullying Programmes are a great way to get the young people involved, giving them a chance to share their thoughts on bullying.

Years 3-6 can have the chance to complete their Bully Buster Training and become the kind of superhero every school needs! Check out the trailer below for Bully 4 U Primary.

Secondary school and college students can delve deeper into bullying with our Bully 4 U Secondary programme, which looks at sexist bullying, homophobic bullying, cyberbullying related to sexting, and domestic abuse.

Remember: Bullying happens all year round, and many schools like to use our programmes in the weeks leading up to anti bullying week as an introduction, or later in the year as a recap!


RSE 2020 is fast approaching, and many schools are implementing the new guidelines now. We offer training on How to Work Effectively with Children and Young People on Relationships / RSE and Health Education – and the tools learned in this training are great for lessons on anti-bullying.

Don’t have time to book our training in before then? Check out this video for one of our much-loved tools which can be used to discuss bullying.

If you want any more information or advice on how to make your Anti Bullying Week a great experience for your young people, give us a call on 0121 446 4880 or send an email to

Pssssst…. Want to try something a bit different this year?

With more and more young people experiencing mental health problems, Anti Bullying Week can be a great time to focus on mental health and wellbeing. Our new Mental Wellbeing Programme can help your school to start a discussion on how bullying might affect someone’s mental health. Get in touch on 0121 446 4880 if you are interested!

What people say

Take a look at how we’ve helped others

Brilliant acting and interaction with the children. The play itself covered puberty in an open, realistic and humorous way which forms a terrific basis for future discussion with the teacher and each other. So much depends on the enthusiasm of the actors and I feel that we were very lucky to have such a talented pair, not only to perform, but to lead the discussions afterwards. They were able to relate to the children without any embarrassment. SUPERB!!


Compared to other companies we have had covering the same content, the actors were more flexible and accommodating to the children’s individual needs. Through their answers and questions, the children were demonstrating a higher level of understanding, empathy and personal safety.

Safeguarding Lead