The Road to Statutory RSE

Are you using the PSHE Association and SEF's Roadmap to Statutory RSE. We have made a short video to explain the key tips (and ways you can get loads more free support!)

In September of this year Relationships / RSE and Health Education become statutory in all schools.

Many schools are well on the road to meet the new guidance however some still need a bit of help to navigate their way through the changes.

Loudmouth can help. To help drive your plans forward we are providing a whole range of FREE resources, blogs, updates and support to help schools to get ready. If you haven't already signed up to receive these then you can do this by filling in a form here.

We are proud members of both the Sex Education Forum (SEF) and the PSHE Association and they have put together a useful Roadmap with 10 clear tips to help school leaders and PSHE co-ordinators. The full document can be accessed here however to make your journey a little easier we have made a short video which will talk you through the 10 tips. Road-maps seem soooo old school so we've gone all Sat Nav on you.

Let's hit the road...