Loudmouth Oscars - Goodbyes and Hellos

As we reach the end of another academic year we celebrated the end of a busy year, waved goodbye to some old faces and welcome some new ones to the team!

And the winner is….

Like every summer we end the year with our annual Loudmouth Oscars (well, except last summer…can’t quite remember what happened in 2020)!

The weather was kind and we had a well deserved celebration to look back on the work we have done to reinvent how we work and how we continued to support children and young people throughout the pandemic. And with the Oscar ceremony the winner was….everyone. Yep, amazingly, every single member of the team came away with a little gold statue. Another clean sweep! A massive thank you to everyone at Loudmouth for your flexibility, creativity and hard work this year.

Loudmouth Oscar Montage 2021.jpg

This year though was tinged with a bit of sadness as we said goodbye to two of our Actor / Facilitators. Shanice and Rupi both decided to move on to new challenges. Shanice Russell had been with us since 2019 and Rupi Lal way back in 2007. We’ll miss you both and wish you the best in your next adventure.

However, next year’s Oscars will see some new faces. Hooray! Hannah Pryal, Kayleigh Talbot and Karmarly Nyogi have joined the company and will start delivering sessions this Autumn. Keep your eyes out for the new Loudmouthers and make them a welcome brew!

We’ll be keeping you updated on any further changes at Loudmouth throughout the year and look forward to visiting your schools and venues again.

I’ll stop there before they start playing music and waving for me to finish!