Does Your RSE Meet the New Guidance on Consent?

Are you looking for ways to teach students about consent that meets the new guidance?

Are you looking for ways to teach students about consent that meets the new guidance?

We have made some exciting new changes to our Trust Me programme. This popular RSE programme covers loads of issues such as, STIs, contraception, pornography and communication in relationships and now has a workshop that focuses on consent.

The 20-40 minute discussions explore different scenarios and engage students in voting on whether they think that consent was given. The scenarios get gradually more complex and introduce new elements to help students gain a deep understanding of consent.

“As a result of seeing Trust Me, I have learnt all about how it's important to show consent from both people." – Year 8 pupil

The new version has been piloted in schools since September 2019 and is now available for schools to book for the Spring and Summer terms and meets the needs of the new compulsory RSE guidance to teach....

  • how people can actively communicate and recognise consent from others, including sexual consent, and how and when consent can be withdrawn (in all contexts).
  • how to recognise the characteristics and positive aspects of healthy one-to-one intimate relationships, which include mutual respect, consent, loyalty, trust, shared interests and outlook, sex and friendship.
  • key aspects of the law relating to sex which should be taught include the age of consent, what consent is and is not, the definitions and recognition of rape, sexual assault and harassment, and choices permitted by the law around pregnancy.

Schools get the Trust Me performance and consent workshops as well as over 100 lesson plans and resources to support their RSE programme. We are offering special deals for all bookings of Trust Me that take place in April or May 2020. Don't forget to ask about this when you enquire!

To book Trust Me call us on 0121 446 4880 or fill in the form by pressing / clicking here.