Calling It Out - Celebrating 500 Sessions

As we reach our 500th session of this popular programme, we look at why the programme is needed more than ever.

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This half term we will deliver our 500th session of Calling It Out, our theatre in education programme on harmful sexual behaviours.

We started the initial research for this programme almost 3 years ago. Most new programmes take time to grow as they build a reputation and demand. Calling It Out has been in demand though from the moment it launched and is our fastest growing programme in 30 years.

We are really pleased to see how many schools and funders have used the programme. We have toured Calling It Out in many parts of the country. A recent tour of East Sussex was so successful that they have recommissioned it for next year. Something they have never done before as they usually change the work each year.

The response from schools and young people has been incredible with many interesting discussions and explorations of equality and the role that everyone can play in challenging harassment. It is also one of the most challenging sessions.

Our Actor / Facilitators have noticed increasing levels of misogyny. Andrew Tate hand gestures are commonplace during discussions and attitudes that we rarely heard or were whispered are now more confidently expressed. Our drama and workshops are designed to allow young people space to discuss these topics using the characters and situations from the performance.

Calling It Out, follows the story of two 15 year old best friends, Sam and her best friend Wes. Sam grows increasingly frustrated by the amount of harassment and comments she and other girls and women experience. Wes sees it as a part of life and whilst he doesn't act like that himself, he doesn't think it is his place to say anything. Their friendship is challenged. Whose role is it to call this behaviour out?

Calling It Out is a timely and in demand programme. To find out how you can book this programme as a live or virtual session, call 0121 446 4880.