Recruitment for Actor / Facilitators

We are looking for 3 new Actor / Facilitators to join Loudmouth

Loudmouth Education and Training are a Birmingham based theatre company that delivers Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) in schools and other venues across the UK. The company was established in 1994 and has reached over 1 million children, young people, professionals and parents.

The company is expanding and we are looking for 3 new Actor / Facilitators to join our friendly team. We have 1 permanent position for a male Actor / facilitator starting in July 2022 and 1 temporary contract for a male and a female Actor / facilitator for 11 months that will last from September 2022 to July 2023. There may be an option to extend this temporary contract.

All roles require people to play a range of characters (typically children and young people) and deliver interactive workshops from some of the company’s successful theatre in education programmes in schools in the Midlands and across the UK.

Any successful candidate will need to be based in the West Midlands for the duration of their contract, be legally allowed to work with children and work in the UK. A full current UK driving license is essential as the job requires a lot of travel.

The salary for all of these roles is £21,000 p.a. pro rata.

The deadline is Monday 16/05/22 and the audition date is Tuesday 24/05/22.



To apply please submit a self-tape / video audition. The scripts we would like you to perform on video are at the end of this blog along with tips on the performance style we are looking for. The extracts are from programmes the succesful candidates would learn.

Videos can often be too big for e mail and so services like wetransfer or mailbigfile are good, with a free service for files of less than 2GB.

We can not audition anyone without having their self-tape.


We need some basic information to help us with logistics and so please complete a very short application form.

You can access the application form here

You can ignore the login to Google and any questions that say for admin use only.

We will use these videos to short list applicants who we would like to come in for an audition at our offices in Birmingham on Tuesday May 24th.

We need you to submit both your application form and video audition by 16/05/2022 to We can only consider replies where we have both the application form and the video.

Thank you and good luck!


Please perform the monologue to camera. Our performance style is quite conversational and natural and so think about the size and tone of your performance. We are looking for people who can capture the age of the character as well as bring out the mix of comedy and drama in our scripts.


Zoe is 15 and is sharing her experiences of when she was groomed into sexual exploitation when she was 13.

ZOE: Hi, I’m Zoe. I’m 15. I was only about 13 when I met this man… let’s call him… 'Mr Charming'.

We met online, and at first he said he was my age, and we just clicked straight away. I couldn’t believe that it was possible to meet someone like him. We were so in tune. Mr Charming liked all the same things I like. I felt like he knew me so well… almost too well.

He took me out to cool, grown up, adult places that I’d never been to. But he told me not to tell anyone. Said it was in case I got in trouble but…but it was his own back he was watching. He said he was my boyfriend. He said that he loved me and would protect me….but he didn’t mean it.

He asked me to pose for naked photos. He asked me to do things with him that I didn’t want to do. He told me to never tell anyone what was going on.

Mr Charming groomed me.


Mikey is 17 but looking back to when he was 14 and how he was groomed into criminal exploitation / county lines.

MIKEY: So there was this girl..Jess. She asked me if I wanted to go to this party. I tried to play it cool. Gave it all ‘Not sure babe….have to check my diary!’…but my brain was just screaming ‘YESSS!!!!’. She was just so fit!

The party was at Jess’ cousin Kalum’s place. Kalum was cool. Said I could hang at his anytime. Said “help yourself, mate to beers and weed”.

Then one day Kalum asked me for money…I was like “Er…what money?” and he’s like “for the food, the beers, the weed!”. I panicked…I was skint!

But Kalum was all “Chill…you can pay me back. I just need you to drop off a ‘package’ for me”. Now…I’m not stupid. I knew it was probably drugs…but it was just the once….right?

I was on my way to do the drop when Bam! I was pushed to the ground and kicked hard. I got up to fight back but..but it was all over. They’d gone…..I’d lost Kalum’s drugs!