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My Mate Fancies You

A programme for ages 9-13 at KS2 & KS3 level. Issues covered include puberty, growing up and transitions

“If pupils are kept ignorant of their human, physical and sexual rights they are not being adequately safeguarded. When inspecting schools inspectors are guided to check that the sex education in national curriculum science at Key Stages 1-3 is being adequately taught; and that primary schools have regard to the Department for Education statutory guidance on teaching pupils about puberty before they experience the onset of physical changes.” – Janet Palmer, OFSTED PSHE Lead

Funny and well researched, this interactive programme explores the often daunting physical and emotional changes associated with puberty and prepares for the smooth transition from primary to secondary school.

You can download further information on this popular programme by clicking or tapping the links below. These give further information of the programme, a breakdown of the learning outcomes and evaluation information.

My Mate Fancies You Basic Information.pdf
My Mate Fancies You Learning Objectives.pdf
Evaluation Report Dudley Primary Schools 2014.pdf
Case Study Evaluation Report.pdf

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